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Our Story

“In 2008, one video of a child being beaten by the caregiver in an orphanage changed my life forever,” remarked Maran Maayah Abu Jaber, the founder and the President of Alhadaf.  “It gave me two choices, blame the system or roll up my sleeves and establish a safe place to help the children and families in Jordan who suffers from injustice".

In 2014, Alhadaf was born from a passion for the orphans in Jordan and the social and cultural injustices they suffer. Alhadaf helps any child who has lost quality care and experienced neglect, This includes traditional orphans as well as social orphans, unsupervised children, street children, and abandoned children. Alhadaf also assists neglected refugees, both adults and children, who are considered war orphans.  We define orphan as any individual who lost their safe environment due to a traumatic life event. This includes people from all backgrounds and age without discrimination against religion, skin color, social class or education. 

The late Peter F. Drucker eloquently pronounced that all nonprofits are in the business of changing humans, and Alhadaf aims to achieve that ideal by providing a holding environment. A holding environment is a psychological concept based on the notion that people are most capable and autonomous when they feel secure and attached to trusted individuals, something that our beneficiaries have tragically lost.    




Metaphorically, Alhadaf Institute is a temporary shelter in which people caught in storms find their way. We provide an arms-around experience, which reignites the passion for life and allows for growth and healing with patience. 













 Jordan is known for its beautiful and harsh deserts, and part of its culture is the Bedouin tents that can be found standing tall in the middle of cold and remote places. The tent represents a place of warmth at night, hospitality and nourishments, and safety from any danger. We strive to be this space for our beloved beneficiaries. Alhadaf Institute’s core purpose is to be this shelter for all those who need someone who can meet their trauma with compassion, empathy, hope, and direction. 


At Alhadaf, we provide training and educational opportunities to our partners, volunteers, interns, and beneficiaries, We aim to provide the best quality care while engaging people in our community as well as global partners worldwide.  Alhadaf’s long-term vision is to extend its reach through local and regional partners and establish a network of “tents” across all deserts in Jordan and the Middle East by 2025.  


Core Values 


Our core values reflect our core purpose and serve as an anchor in everything we do. We value psychological safety and physical security. We respect each other as humans who deserve dignity. We extend care to our employees, interns and volunteers, and we treat them and their families as a priority. We seek to present everything we do with the best quality and spirit of excellence.




Our vision is to live in a society that treats all orphans, both children and adults, with respect and dignity without prejudice. We believe that every human deserves to live safely, and have the opportunity to learn and grow.    

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