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Meet Our Team

Alhadaf Staff
Mrs. Maran Maayah 

Mrs. Maran Maayah Abujaber

Maran is the Founder and President of a national Institute called Al-Hadaf for training, headquartered in Amman, Jordan. Alhadaf supports Jordanian Orphans, Iraqi Refugees and Jordanian schools through training, education, health, awareness workshops, and volunteer community programs.

She graduated from the University of Jordan with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2004. While working as an intern on a study for the largest engineering project in the country of Jordan (the Wadi Abdoun Bridge), she executed numerous administrative processes required to adhere to policy and safety guidelines and diligently collected data for engineering reports.

Later she successfully held a position as the leading road engineer at Consolidated Consultants as a senior Engineer. Subsequently, a change in circumstances and a passion that has never stopped towards her suffering people specially, orphans and refugees, led her to complete a master’s degree in Managing Nonprofits and Fundraising Development at the School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Regent University (USA).

While embarking on her educational journey, she became an assistant for an International World Reach Organization, where she provided administrative support to the producer and was involved in all stages of the production process from preproduction through to postproduction.

In 2012, she went on to join Her Majesty Queen Rania’s Non-profit “Jordan River Foundation” as a fundraising senior coordinator, engaging in research, planning and implementing of corporate funding strategies and grant applications, as needed. In 2013, Maran become the operations manager for the Non-Profit Organization Arab Women Today (AWT), where she supervised and coached the employees to ensure smooth operations, established a volunteer program, launched fundraising efforts locally and internationally, and represented at AWT events.


These past experiences enabled her to become the founder and President of Al-Hadaf, an institute that responds to the needs of Jordanian abused orphans and Iraqi refugees who escaped ISIS in the nation of Jordan through training, education and health programs.

Dr. Emil Abujaber (CEO/Co-Founder)

Dr. Emil holds a PhD degree in Organizational Leadership, in addition to MA in International & Middle East Politics, MAM Masters in Management from Regent University also he studied the Arab-Israeli conflict at The Washington Center where he gained his expertise in these fields through his studies and achievements, Moreover, he is eager to share and pass his skills to Alhadaf Team.

Dr. Emil performed many trainings in the MENA area and shared a lot of success stories alongside his trainees as to guide many leaders and managers to improve their management and leadership skills as a result to improve the organizational progress.

Alhadaf Board Members

Mr. Ziad Jouaneh

Ziad has a professional financial background with over seventeen years in Business Management, Accounting and Financial Reporting, with a demonstrated track record of leading the preparation and analysis of financial reports to summarize and forecast financial position.

In his current role as the Finance and Administration Manager at Madrasati - one of Her MajestyQueen Rania Al Abdullah’s non-profit organizations that aims for improving the physical andeducational learning environments of Jordan’s most neglected public schools and rejuvenatingphysical spaces and provides ancillary resources most needed at individual schools- he manages all financial aspects of the business including accounting practices, budgeting, financial planning, Financial risk management, financial analysis, analyzing cost effectiveness of expenditures, and monitoring of financial performance.

Prior to joining Madrasati, Ziad held the position of financial and administration manager at JEI Jordan Education Initiative (JEI)- one of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah’s non-profit organizations, focusing on accelerating education reform through technology, innovative research, development, and implementation.


Additionally, he held the position of Senior Auditor at Hawit, Fasheh & Co (SC International) where he examined operating costs for small & medium size companies, provided taxation, conducted financial analysis to examine the financial status, and conducted internal audits for several grants and projects.

Mr. Jouaneh holds an MSc degree in Financial Management and a BS degree in accounting.

Dr. Ala Sweiss


Dr. Alaa Sweiss is a medical doctor with a degree in Medicine from Egypt's October 6 University. His contributions to humanitarian efforts are notable, with active roles in Alhadaf’s, Save the Children's and Caritas's medical campaigns, collaboration with UNHCR. His experience and dedication make him an excellent addition to the board. Currently works as sb investigator to multiple drug studies at amc hospital and istishari hospital.

Mrs. Lina Khader

Lina Khader develops, implements and monitors DAA's training programs as its Workforce Development and Employability Manager. Drawing on her vast experience in the realms of human rights, youth and female empowerment, Khader leads DAA's training-related operations, personally conducting orientation sessions, developing training materials, and creating testing and evaluation processes, ensuring that all aspects of the Organization's capacity-building efforts are managed within authorized budgets. Moreover, Khader provides logistical support and assists with the development of strategic plans that further the Organization's goals to enhance beneficiaries' employability.

Before joining DAA, Khader was part of the International Youth Foundation, where she cemented her training credentials by becoming a certified Passport to Success trainer, in addition to earning the qualifications to instruct on Life Skills, Image Management, Leadership, Gender and Women Empowerment. In addition to her work as the founder and President of NGO 'Ehna La Ba'ad', her experience includes working with international organizations such as Oxfam, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNDP, Save the Children, Caritas and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Offering training sessions to both groups and individuals in Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia, Khader has established herself as a seasoned trainer capable of navigating classroom environments and delivering training programs that enhance the skills of students of various backgrounds she holds a bachelor's degree in Law and is a partner at the National Law Firm for Advocates and Consultancy.


Mrs. Dana AbuKhader


Dana Abu Khader is one of the most popular faces on Roya TV and one of the first presenters to join Roya’s most popular morning show Donya Ya Donya in 2011 in addition to presenting the popular talk show “Bain Quwsain”. In addition to her bright career in TV, Dana has successfully written and published her first book in 2016. The book, called ‘On the Waiting List’ discusses her journey in the world of media. Abu Khader has a bachelor degree in English-Spanish languages from the University of Jordan and a certificate in photography and TV production from the New York Academy in the United States.

Mrs. Ghadeer Yaser

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