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Success Story: Al Hadaf Family Resettled in Australia

After fleeing ISIS in Iraq and applying for resettlement, Baheyah’s family has just left for their new home in Australia! They have lived in Jordan for four years, the last three of which they attended programs at Al Hadaf. The staff here is so proud of the kids Yara and Yousif and their tremendous progress while at Al Hadaf. Both children struggled with PTSD and depression, but through Al Hadaf’s art therapy program and the compassionate care of our staff, they were able to process their trauma and learn to express themselves in new ways. As they said good-bye to our team, it was exciting to see Yara and Yousif smiling and laughing, something they had not done when they first arrived three years ago. Baheyah participated in Al Hadaf’s language and makeup classes and she now feels prepared to find work and navigate her new surroundings in Australia. The family is sad to leave their grandparents and aunts but happy for new challenges and opportunities in Australia. Al Hadaf will miss this wonderful family and we wish them all the best in their journey ahead.

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