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Kindness Rocks with Nancy Bartosz!

“It’s OK not to be OK.”

In February, Al Hadaf welcomed Nancy Bartosz, an “Agent of Impact” from the organization Hope for the Day, to lead a discussion and an arts activity with our beneficiaries.

Hope for the Day is based in Chicago and aims to help decrease suicide prevention rates through the spread of mental health education. For almost a year, Nancy has been traveling around the world to raise awareness about mental health in different communities, and at Al Hadaf, she guided Iraqi mothers through an activity called kindness rocks.

The Kindness Rocks Project was started by a woman named Megan Murphy who would paint rocks with positive messages on them and leave the rocks at beaches. Eventually, people all over the world started to follow in Nancy’s footsteps. We decided to follow these footsteps as well, and Nancy then led a wonderful discussion on how being kind to ourselves can have a powerful impact on our lives, the well-being of our families, and the health of our communities.

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